Sunday, October 4, 2009

Green Lantern: Blackest Night

After reading the latest issue of Green Lantern, it occured to me that I haven't talked about the Blackest Night arc. Truth be told, I don't know why I haven't discussed it. The Blackest Night has been building up since, well, pretty much since before Abin Sur crash landed on Earth and gave the ring to that cocky little shit named Hal Jordan. More recently, though, in the aftermath of the Sinestro Corps War, the Anti-Monitor's body became a black power battery. So, in forbidden prophecy, there was going to be a war of light, which is occurring right now. Black power rings have been flying all through the universe, resurrecting a bunch of dead people, including Thomas and Martha Wayne, Kal L, and many other folks. In my best Vincent Price voice, "The dead shall rise!"

Once again, throughout the DC Universe (same with Brian Michael Bendis's abortion called the Marvel Universe), continuity is running kind of odd involving the other titles. But, we should all have some faith in good ol' Geoff Johns, Peter Tomasi and the other GL writers. The core titles of the GL universe are fucking sweet recently. Sodom Yat plunged himself into the Daxamite sun, thus turning the star yellow and allowing his people to gain Superman strength power to fight off Mongul. There have been revelations of the other different color spectrums, leading to some pretty shady under-dealings that the Guardians have been up to in the past.  Oh, yeah, friggin Oa pretty much blew up.

What is really neat about this issue is that it resolves the whole elephant in the room that no one in the book talked about due to all the other craziness going on involving the War of Light: "When is Sinestro going up against Mongul?" What makes this issue worth blogging abut is that Sinestro finally goes up against Mongul.

Since Jordan's arrival into the GL Corps, Sinestro was always labeled an ugly stepchild, even though he was always by far the most willful. Shit, the guy created his own frigging corps. Mongul has always been a bad-ass and was the guy that beat Hal Jordan's ass after he destroyed Jordan's home of Coast City. By design, the two characters are perfectly opposite.

After going against each other, Sinestro kills Mongul after telling him that when he created the Yellow rings, he created a failsafe that allows him to be energized by whoever wears it. Instead of having a dumb comic plot moment and leaving Mongul's body to be resurrected by a Black ring, Sinestro's body locks him in energy status painfully, waiting until the Black Lantern situation is resolved so Mongul can just die. Sinestro reclaims his role as leader of the Sinestro Corps and tells Jordan that he will be leading the fight against the Black Lanterns. In the nick of time, though, a Black-ring resurrected Abin Sur and his dead sister (Sinestro's ex-chick) show up at the end of the issue.

You know what is fucking awesome? This is simply ONE title in the core GL line. The other titles have more fun with the Earth Lanterns, but the other Green Lanterns are neck deep in shit with the other spectrum Lanterns. Some are investigating the Black Lantern itself, while others are dealing with damage control around the universe. Go read The Blackest Night arc, but stay away from the other shit, folks.

PS - It's a cold day in Hell when a DC Universe major event has better continuity than a Marvel Universe arc; RE: Dark Reign. Let's all thank Brian Bendis for fucking up The Hood, the Secret Warriors, and, uh...the Marvel Universe.

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