Sunday, October 11, 2009

Crossed #7: They take the offensive


Crossed #7 has the humans being tracked by the Crossed people. They start to realize that they have been tracked by the same group that they escaped from in the city a few issues ago. Patrick (the kid in the story) gets separated from the group.

In one of the most disturbing comic books I have ever read, this is probably the most inspiring issue yet. I'm quite positive that is the most I'll be getting as far as optimism for the main cast for the rest of the story. When the crew finds Patrick being chased by the Crossed, they all lose any sense of self-preservation in order to get Patrick back. Since the beginning of the story, they have always been on the run and this issue shows the first time they take the offense. FYI, the look on Cindy's face when she does what she has to do was the most fucked up piece of artwork in the whole series. That's saying alot, especially in reference to a comic book that had psychotic freaks jerking off into a bowl so their dad-paste covered bullets could infect others when they shot them.

The series is winding down to a close and though it is quite a fucked up read, I'm truly going to miss it. There are few post-apocalyptic comic books that are worth a damn in my book and this one is probably on my top five list.

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