Saturday, October 31, 2009

Comics fo' yo' face: Oct 28 '09

- So, the final issue of "Ignition City" hit the stands. Hilarity ensued.

- "The Incredible Hercules" #137 followed up with Amadeus Cho in his search for his sister. This episode reveals the truth about his parents' deaths. This issue also has a showdown of the minds and reminds me why I love this comic so much. Actually, I never forget why I read the comic.

- In other news, I finally caught up with "Agents of Atlas" in the latest issue/crossover "Agents of Atlas vs X-Men". After Jimmy Woo resolved the bad-ass dispute (where M-11 whupped a more advanced robot by using literal Muhammed Ali arrogance) between Atlas and the Jade Dragon, the group goes up against the X-Men on their brand-new home turf, Utopia. For those of you that don't know anything about Atlas, well, here is a one panel rundown:

Go read comics fo' yo' self now!

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