Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weekly Round-Up: March 31, 2009

First up, in old comic reading news, I just finished Ed Brubaker's 16-issue run of "Deadenders". This was yet another awesome Brubaker title whose ending was absolutely bittersweet as it makes you feel nostalgic reading the final panel. Only Brubaker can mix a post-apocalyptic world with Vespas and make it cool without venturing into Grant Morrison indulgence. If you leave the book without anything good to say about it, you cannot deny the fact that Brubaker gives a great message to the youth:




In more current comics, Mr Wade Wilson aka Deadpool is kicking ass in the Thunderbolts, but he is shining in the X-Force/Cable crossover "Messiah War". Chris Yost delivers brilliance with a hilarious Deadpool moment after Wolverine stabs him in the brain with his claws:

Oh, you zany mutants. Moving along, we have the Fantastic Four at Reed's cousin's house at some country in Europe. Great foreshawdowing at the end of the issue, but the whole issue was jam-packed with weird monster action. At the end of the book is the gem of the issue, though. Reed does a bad-ass thing where he super stretches his arm to cold-clock his cousin in the grill. The panel was originally looked like this:

But in my head it looked more like this:

Gangsta, Dr. Richards. Very Gangsta.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Welcome To The Toof's Nerd Alert!

First post! Sweet action, folks. Ok, tuck your boners away and let's get to the good bullshit!

This Saturday, I am going to Emerald City Comic Con 2009 at Seattle. This is gonna be sweet. The last comic book convention I went to was the San Diego Comic Con in 2006 with The Wolfman. Sasquatch was supposed to go, but he was doing some training. Anyway, there are gonna be some sweet guests there, like Jason Aaron, who has been writing a phenomenal run on Ghost Rider and Scalped.


Note: This what what I want on my Tombstone! That or pepperoni and sausage...

In not so good news, Hack Extrodinaire (that is EXACTLY what's gonna be on this douche nozzle's tombstone) Rob Liefield made an exclusive Youngblood's poster for the con.

Man, I know that everyone and their mother's have been putting Obama on their covers since November 8, but Jesus Christ, must he hold a, uh, pulse lazer pistol rifle thing? I have two questions for Rob Liefield. Question #1, "What the fuck, dude?" Number #2, "Fuck you, Rob Liefield."

This is how you do it correctly, god dammit:

Post Script: Welcome to Bad-Assville. I hope you love the blog!