Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I can finally shut up about The Punisher for awhile

The title says most of it, but all in all, I have finished reading the first 60 issues of the Garth Ennis run. After all the hilarity and drama, the final arc was God damn good. Basically, Frank is being tracked down by some Delta bubbas trying to bring him in for trial. Throughout the book are excerpts from a book that was written by the brother of one of the Marines that was in Frank's platoon during his last tour in 'Nam entitled, "Valley Forge, Valley Forge". Until I read this arc, I don't think that I had read a better war story than Ennis's ".303". The arc talks about the profits of war, as well as the bumblefuck that was known as the Vietnam War. Strong shit folks. Read it, already.

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