Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Furious Spanking

I have been ridiculously addicted to Garth Ennis's run of The Punisher. I'm not talking about that horseshit mini-series with the yoked out Russian in the red and white stripes. I'm talking about the one where he wastes Westies, throws a guy out of a second story window onto a spike tipped fence before he jumps back onto the guy, and escapes out of a missle a fucking MISSLE. This is not Preacher, folks. This is Frank muthafucking Castle. Garth Ennis tends to write occasional slop, but I never brush the man off, especially not if the man wrote Unknown Soldier and one of my favorite comics of all time, ".303".

So, we all know who Nick Fury is, right. Eye patch, white dude with grey temples (Or bald, black dude ala Sam Jackson, depending on which you prefer). Basically, he is James Bond if 007 had taken a lesser form of the Super-Soldier serum and was a cigar smoking Yank. Garth Ennis wrote Nick Fury in a way that I haven't never seen him, but is the most authentic. A man with Fury's experience is supposed to be grizzled and, well, Ennis in true fashion makes Fury do something that I would have never imagined he would.

OK, in case you missed it, lemme explain what happened in those two panels. Nick Fury spanked a dude. With a belt. The dude was another guy. That got spanked by Nick Fury. There is a term that people use that goes, "Gawwwd Damn." Pick this book up already.

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