Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Kick-Ass Anticlimax

I just finished the 7th issue of Mark Millar's "Kick-Ass" and I have to admit that I am pretty much over the whole comic. When it first came out, it kind of just came out of the dark for me. I had heard no rumblings in the internet prior it to coming out so it was a pleasant surprise to read the first issue. But around issue #3 or so, Hollywood ended up scooping up rights before the story even ended. In 2003, in a time when comics were still slightly looked down upon, Hollywood did the same with "30 Days of Night", though the end of the arc wasn't released for retail purchase, it was ready to be shipped; only a contract was established, yet nothing was in production. The problem with the "Kick-Ass" movie is that they started FILMING the movie before the comic even wrapped up.

Now, I fucking LOATHE story arcs that are super sweet...then END. Many of my favorites, such as "Powers", have been stuck in limbo because writers get stuck writting a bunch of titles at the same time or end up having irregular releases. Shit, I JUST found out that "Planetary" isn't even over! Twenty-seven issues take well over eight plus years these days, I suppose. NOTE: Warren Ellis is a fucking genius and if he takes 10 years to release 12 issues, I trust that it'll give my brain a boner.

In the case of "Kick-Ass", though, what bugs me is that I don't know if I should keep reading the comic or if I should wait for the movie. This is a weird instance where the argument over which is better, the book or the movie, has no bounds. Both are being done parallel to each other. And honestly, as much as I love reading Millar's humor and looking at Romita's brilliant art (I think Red Mist's Camaro will kick the Batmobile's wang eight days out of any week), I think that I'm starting to anticipate the movie more. Reading the comics are pretty anti-climactic because the movie has been filming for quite some time and I just feel that the creators have invested creative output for the screenplay. The comic is just riding backseat.

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