Friday, May 8, 2009

Nerds: Set Boners to "Wow"

I saw the new Star Trek last night. My friend ended up buying tickets for the god damn 9:55PM showing, but guess what? The movie was so bad-ass that I wouldn't have minded if I went to a 1AM showing.

What made the movie so good? The casting, man. The actors didn't make a mockery of the characters by doing lame Priceline Negotiator impersonations or anything like that. Chris Pine did nothing that was reminiscent of James Kirk; Syler from Heroes played a terrific, as well as emotional Spock that liked to whip on motherfuckers.

Congratulations, Abrahms. I won't complain about you this round.

Oh, yeah, that Asian dude that can't find the restaurant with the mini burgers kicked a dude in the stomach, too. Man, if that ain't bad-ass, I don't know what is...

OK, maybe this is more bad-ass.

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