Thursday, July 2, 2009

...No more skoolbuks

Jonathan Hickman is quickly adding his name to my "Authors I Fucking Love". He is currently the author of "Secret Warriors", which is Nick Fury's secret band of ragtag, young heroes going heads-up against Norman Osborn. You have seen some of his writing in my previous posts involving "recoil" and "self love of cloning".

Anyway, Hickman has written books such as Red Mass For Mars, which is about a civilization-ending alien invasion which occurs after the pinnacle of humanity; The Nightly News, which is about men that follow The Voice, a voice that tries to defy social brainwashing from media the school system etc; Transhuman, which is about the advent of genetic manipulation and the creation of human stagnation; and Pax Romana, which describes what happens when you send enhanced military mercenaries to Rome in the time of Constantine in order to strengthen religion.

Strong shit, folks. If you ain't reading Twilight, then you teenage girls need to read this shit.

PS - He will be writing the Fantastic Four after the Mark Millar run. SWEET BALLS.

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