Sunday, June 7, 2009

Captain Britain and MI-13: Best book out right now?


Captain Britain and MI-13 is a book about Britain, pure and simple. Basically, it is about a team of Brit superheroes that work for an intelligence sector (MI-13) that is involved with taking care of all the supernatural heebie jeebies of Britain. It is by far the best comic book out right now. It has humor, action, and an airtight way of story and plot. The travesty of the whole book is that it is being cancelled very shortly.

So's not to spoil anything, I just want to say that if there has every been a beautifully drawn and phenomenally written comic, it is Captain Britain and MI-13. Try and download buy the issues and try and catch this before they do the injustice of cancelling it.

PS: Blade appears in the comic. You know there are gonna be a shitload of goddamn vampires dying.


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